About me.

I first became fascinated when I was about 14 years old, a long time ago!!!  I have used many cameras in different formats, one big thing that I have learned over the years is that cameras are boring as a subject but photography as a subject is fascinating.

I hold a Licenciateship qualification with the SWPP in wedding photography. After a rough few  years in life, my interests changed. I started going out walking and doing some landscape photography. This blog is as about my transitional journey trying to become an art based landscape photographer and trying to improve my skills.   One of the problems with art based things it is difficult to pin down what it is. What works for one person doesn’t for another I am  basing my work around the natural world  around landscapes, though you may see the a few cityscapes. I will include some portrait work on the blog to show my relaxed outdoor style of working. I do have a love of black and white though work in color when I feel it is right. In color I do love simple composition with bold color.

For the technical among you my camera is a Nikon D750 and I have a few lenses to go with it. It is a full frame digital but I still hold that the old adage from film days that a good big one will always beat a good little one. I often shoot in manual mode with a hand held meter. I always shoot raw and convert in Lightroom. I do use Nik software in Lightroom to do my black and white conversions which is owned these days by Google. Most of landscape work is shot using a tripod and I use a Sirui travel tripod and weight it with a stone.

Photography to me is not so much what the camera see’s as how your imagination interprets the image. Cameras can be used as a recording instrument or as a tool to be creative with. I prefer mine as a creative tool.

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    1. Hi Peter,
      Lovely to meet you, I did look for you on Instagram but not managed to find you. I got some good shots that evening, hope you did. Hope we can keep in touch.


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