Urban portraits 2.

Rather than in the previous urban portrait which I made high key so reducing the color in post processing, with this one I have saturated the color to emphasize the color in the brickwork. The place is an old railway arch, water has run down the walls to create some amazing colors as a backdrop. A good tip is when you look at color, see what you can do with it rather than always just as it appears.  The clothes chosen were to match in with the backdrop. Saturating the colors in Lightroom also added the emphasis to the girls red hair.

When posing someone in this type of scene, look for something that adds interest to the scene rather than just a straight pose. Urban portraits should be a little edgy not like classical portraits. The great thing about an area like this is that the light is lovely open shade which in nice and soft and allows you to vary things as you require.

To turn your photography from recording an image to art is making a scene your own. Look at the scene and see how you would like it look to look then make it happen. You will find plenty of tutorials on You Tube about working with your RAW files, watch and learn from them.


Urban portraits.

With urban portraits, do not be frightened to be different and try something new. Often it is best to fit people into scenes but here is a head shot and the emphasis is on the eyes. The face in this shot is cut into sections by some bars on the front of a hotel but the eyes hold the viewer. The image has been made into a high key image to take out some of the tonal range and leave the beautiful eyes as the main point of focus. Part of working outdoors is to take what nature throws at you and here the hair is left to it’s own devices, it has worked out beautifully in this shot giving the shot an extra dimension.