Foggy days.

On those damp, cold, foggy days, how many of you leave your cameras at home? My guess would be that it would be that most people do but there are still images to create on these days. What I would say is to you is to photograph in a locality that you know well so that you know the conditions. It doesn’t have to be a particularly scenic spot as you won’t see most of it for the fog.  The spot that was chosen was where the photograph would be close to the top of the tree line and the fog would be lying low on the fields. It has left me with a very simple image that is quite graphic. I used a high key effect on it in lightroom.


A walk in a misty wood.

I was walking along a path in a very misty wood with very little light and desperately searching for some inspiration.  The wood was at Haughmond hill in Shropshire. It is a popular venue for families, dog walkers and people just out for a bit of fresh air.  As I walked along the path the sun appeared through the trees above the mist. As it was later afternoon it gave a lovely golden light which softened spread with the mist. It’s moments like this which we dream of as photographers to give beautiful light and create something magical.


Wild flower meadows.

Two shots in this post, when you see beautiful wild flowers which are intended to entice wildlife you have to take a few views. They do create a beautiful splash of colour which brings a smile to your face. On a lovely sunny autumn day they brighten up the day.

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Sunlight breaking through the trees.

This is a shot I took early one morning. I was working on some wedding photographs and went outside to sit with a coffee. The sunlight was lovely and rising through the tree branches so I grabbed my camera and took a few shots bracketing the exposure. I didn’t want the trunk burning out completely but wanted to capture the lovely golden rays of sunlight.

Sunrise through the trees by andy b.