Outdoor portraiture.

As a change from my usual posts I am adding people into this post and talking about outdoor portraiture.  I have great love of capturing people naturally. I like to fit people into landscapes and scenes. As with all portraiture the aim is capture something about a person. A feeling or a look that says to someone this is me. The great thing about working outdoors is that people tend to be more relaxed, the images should be more informal.

You will need to find your own way to work but the way that I work is to put people into a position I want to photograph them in then get them to move slowly and change position and give me different looks. Talk to people and continue to shoot all the time. You will get a few mistakes shooting like this but you will get many great shots.

Use a longer lens for this type of work and a big aperture, f4 or f2.8 should work for you. However you shoot the most important thing is the person or people that you are photographing.